Aero Timer Chrome 扩展

        花时间研究了下谷歌浏览器的扩展开发,发现Google的API很是简单,易学易用,很快就把 Aero Timer Web 转变成了一个谷歌浏览器扩展 Aero Timer for Chrome

        Aero Timer for Chrome 功能大致同 Aero Timer Web 一样,当然,作为一个浏览器扩展它与浏览器结合的更好。目前具有的功能:

        4.提供时间到时的 Chrome 桌面提醒。 

        所以,如果你用谷歌浏览器的话,Aero Timer for Chrome 将是一个比  Aero Timer Web 更好的选择。

-------- English version of this post --------

        Aero Time for Chrome is a Google Chrome Extension based on Aero Timer Web. With this extension you can easily start a timer in your browser.

        Aero Timer for Chrome is brought to you with these features:

1. Simple, easy to use.
2. Two type of time setting ( after some time / until some moment ).
3. Convenient to modify and input time by mouse scroll.
4. Chrome Desktop Notification.
5. Left minutes shown on the icon.
6. The icon will rock when time's up.
7. Multilingual support. (Chinese & English currently).

        Feel free to leave a comment if you have questions, bug reports, or praises :)

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