BSB - This is us

        This is us,后街的新专辑,今晚才听到。感觉很一般,很一般...

        自从上张专辑开始,已经找不出很多喜欢的歌了。 听了 This is us 发现有了些类似 Akon 的风格,可能这就是所谓的流行,或许 BackStreet Boys 确实老了,已经不在那个 Never Gone, Back  To Your Heart,Drowning... 的时代了。 还好这些歌中还留有一些熟悉的元素,能让人感受到一些昔日BSB的气息。


下面,专辑中的一首歌:This is us

Got a million reasons to run and hide
I don't blame you for being scared (for being scared, no)
Bout a novel long, all the pain that he's caused you
Baby I'm fully aware (I'm fully aware)

If I could change the stories ending to me and you
Don't know the meaning of pretending what to do

I could be the one
Give you all my love
Forget what he has done to you
I'm here now
Open up to me
Love will set you free
If ever you believe it
Please believe in me

This is us
This is love
Let the world know baby

I know everything isn't meant to last
Box up all those photographs
You're moving on (yeah)
I could flip back over that hour glass
And refill the better half (the better half)

And it's a miracle how broken hearts can mend
Won't you dry up all those tear drops and start again


If I could show you there's no risk of being left alone
Would you let your past go
I'll take it slow
Cause there's no need to rush when I know

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