Air Traffic

     记得有人对我说过,应该多听些感觉轻快,听着很舒服的歌。似乎 Maybe I'm Dreaming 就是这样一个专辑。不论歌词是什么,歌曲总带有一种轻松,欢快的风格,和这春夏交接时节的清新,惬意,自然。(更多关于此专辑>>)

     Air Traffic 这首歌给人种像鸟儿一般自由的感觉,在梦里,天空中随着云朵描绘出的航线自由飞舞。银色的光盘旋,缠绕在梦境里,就像天空中飞过的鸟儿的航线。而第二节出现的女声,好像奶油(同 The Saltwater Room 的第二节有一样的感觉),甜甜的与曲子的整体气质很搭。喜欢这种自然灵动...

Air Traffic

The bird is here and we are off to wherever those wings take us
The atmosphere is crawling with airlines that wind through the clouds and look down on the crowds
Relax your back and let the noise sing you to sleep in my arms
If you awake before we arrive I will carry you down and I won't make a sound

The scent is strong as we move on and breathe in the pristine crime scene
The false veneer is old like a substitute volunteer from oh, some other year
I'm just a shell as far as I can tell so I paint my eyes a light green
The silver beams are twirling and swirling throughout your dreams like air traffic streams

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